This new decade, take a turn with us…

Misaviv 5780 — תש׳פ


13 artists

13 circular visions

High quality paper

Original calligraphy

A new decade is like another turn of the spiral, another twist of the corkscrew, another link in the shalshelet of time that we have inherited from our ancestors. This time, why not join the circle with us?

In the Misaviv Hebrew Circle Calendar, shabbat is the bulls’-eye, the backstop, the springboard of each week. And it is at the heart of each month! This is because our inspired graphic design team have returned the Hebrew Calendar to its native form: the circle. (Click here for a glimpse of our unique design)

When we remember that every month is a full cycle of the moon, every year is a full cycle of the sun, and the holidays spiral forth with the seasons, it is hard to continue seeing the Jewish year as a series of squares within squares. On the spiral of time, we do return to the same spot each year; but we have evolved and changed. The same verse of the Torah, the same old ceremony, comes alive in an unexpected and illuminative new way.

Each month we offer a new illumination of your Jewish year.

We worked with thirteen different artists, and the result is thirteen original visual interpretations of each month, with a special commentary on resonant teachings and themes.

The miraculous spiral that we have been handed intact from our ancestors now invites us to walk with it in time, begs us to reconnect with the spiral journey of our souls—alongside the colorful visions of contemporary artists, published with bless-full intent.