What is “Misaviv”

Misaviv is a Hebrew calendar that shapes time within a circular frame, overlaid with the Gregorian cycle, featuring original artwork from 13 artists and innovative calendar design where Shabbat is located at the center of the week. It contains all Jewish holidays, some holidays celebrated in the U.S.A, and a collection of important yarzeits (date of passing).

What does “Misaviv” mean?

Misaviv means “Around.”  It is one of the words in Torah used to convey both the threat of surrounding enemies, or the joy of God’s protection and enveloping embrace. 

Why a circle? 

The Hebrew calendar lends itself particularly well to the circle because of its monthly lunar cycles and seasonal symmetry.  But furthermore the circle bespeaks the “spiraling” time of the journeys of our patriarchs and matriarchs—which is at the same time both constant progress/ascent and constant return.  For more please see the introduction published in the calendar, and the Teachings section of the website.

How do I read the calendar?

Days begin from the outer ring and move inward toward the Sabbath and then continue counter-clockwise to the next column. There are four slices of the circle corresponding to the weeks of the month, and then there are seven rings inside each slice for the days of the week.  Every day is labeled with both Hebrew and English/Gregorian dates.  Finally, in the outermost ring you can see where on the arc each month fits in the progress of months through the year.  It is a lot more intuitive than it sounds when you have it in your hands!

Can I hang this up? 

Yes.  The calendar comes punched with a hole for nail or tack and can be used to keep track of dates, special events, and Jewish holidays.

How are the artists selected? 

This year’s featured artists were hand-selected, through research and friends. We are always looking for talented artists. Please contact us at misaviv@circlecalendar.com

Do you sell to groups?

Yes! We have group discounts for orders of 10 or more. 

Do you offer wholesale rates for stores?

Yes, please contact misaviv@circlecalendar.com or fill out the Wholesale Order Form directly above.